Are you living in the Netherlands? And are you Interested in a nice food related workshop? You’re in luck! I offer various workshops in different areas such as outdoor cooking, BBQ, and other workshops like sausage making, etc. Click below for more information about the workshops.

Workshops that i offer:

Workshop at home (6 to maximum of 8 people) – starting at € 80,-

Please note: These workshops can only be conducted in the region of The Hague.

A somewhat more unique concept at the moment is getting a workshop at your own home. Many workshops are intended for locations at BBQ stores and/or specifically designed venues.

I offer a fun at-home workshop for 6 to 8 people in the region of The Hague. The most important requirement is that there is at least 1 or more BBQs available

BBQ workshop on different locations throughout the Netherlands – Starting at € 80,-

At various locations in the Netherlands, I offer various workshops. BBQ, Spareribs, Outdoor cooking, and more. Locations include Poeldijk, Terneuzen, and other places. Keep an eye on this website to see where and when they take place.

At the moment, no dates are available. Keep an eye on this page and the Facebook page to stay updated on when and where everything will take place.